We work with architects and designers to understand how the project can be realized, we manage and supervise the whole production process and organization until projects become real, always using the most innovative production techniques and both traditional and cutting-edge materials.
ISO 9001:2015

1. FeasIbility study

  • Project analysis
  • Material research
  • Sampling
  • Prototype development

Comparison and analysis are essential for a successful project. Intrapresa’s method is guaranteed by researching and proceeding step by step. Each project is looked after by a dedicated project manager who helps the client at every stage of the order.

2. Offer development

  • Costs analysis
  • Technical details analysis
  • Delivery time planning

Each new project is a new experience. As a tailor, we can reinterpret production techniques for a competitive offer.

3. Executive development design and engineering

  • Site analysis
  • Design development
  • Construction details, check

Our designers and architects pay close attention to every detail. With their knowledge of materials and processes they find a solution to every problem.

4. Production

  • Engineering
  • Production planning
  • Quality control

Intrapresa controls every step of production. The cutting-edge technology and a certified work process guarantee our high quality standards.

5. Shipping

  • Assembly
  • Packaging

Time and quality respect depends on logistic capability. Every single element is packed with attention and according to delivery requests. Delivery and packaging are always in line with the rules of the destination country. This is the way we guarantee efficiency and punctuality.

6. Mounting

  • Forniture assembly
  • Check
  • Delivery

Our best professionals go to the delivery place to ensure the realisation is in line with the objectives. Checks and delivery carried out in this way are the guarantee of our success.

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